Original Flavor Beef Jerky

Original Flavor Beef Jerky

Our Original Flavor whole muscle Jerky is cut into 1-2″ bite size pieces and packaged in a 2.5 oz. bag.   The delicate blend of herbs and spices make this no nitrate, Omega 3  healthy treat an irresistible snack and a fan favorite.



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Flax seed with its high content of alpha linolenic acid has been called a modern miracle food. The beef  used in our 90% lean Timber Ridge jerky is not only hormone and antibiotic free but is hand-fed a flax seed ration. Samples of our beef were analyzed by Iowa State University and were found to contain 5 times more Omega-3 essential fatty acids and 25% less saturated fats than the corn-fed control sample.

We chose the smoked meat process to deliver our high Omega-3 beef to the consumer because of its use of low heat. Exposure to high heat will convert healthy fats into unhealthy trans-fats. In addition, our snack sticks and summer sausage contain no MSG or sodium nitrite and have only 60-70 calories per stick. The product needs no refrigeration so it can be safely enjoyed while camping, traveling or in a packed lunch. Notable effects of Omega-3’s in human diets include improved immunity, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease and anti-inflammatory relief for rheumatoid arthritis. It is important to us as a producer of food products that the beef and pork that we raise and sell not only appeals to the taste buds but is a benefit to our customer’s overall health and well being. Enjoy!


Beef, Honey, Water, Salt, Vinegar, Celery Powder, Garlic Powder, Onion Powder, Black Pepper, Red Pepper Paprika, Paprika.